Should I tell my boyfriend I cheated on him?

Should I tell my boyfriend I cheated on him?

Yes, you should.

Want to know why?

I’ll share my story with you. I cheated on my boyfriend . We were in a long distance and the other guy was of my city.

One day my boyfriend was going through my whatsapp chats because he was getting strong hints from me such as hiding my phone or getting impatient when my phone was with him. He found out i was with another guy. I was with my boyfriend for an year now and the other guy came in 6 months later.

My boyfriend spent the whole night with me as if nothing happened and he didn’t know anything. The next day when we sat for lunch and were preparing to order, he held my hand and said “let’s sort out some issues. Who’s this guy?”

I was dumbstruck. He already had done a detailed research on social media. I knew this and confessed everything. Didn’t have an option. Cried for 3 hours straight and begged him not to leave. He left.

I came back home, called up my second boyfriend and confessed everything to him too. He too got mad at me, scolded me a lot and left.

That very evening i straight away landed up at my first boyfriend’s place and asked him to meet. He met me, consoled me, wiped my tears and didn’t let me cry, made me understand things and comforted me. God bless his soul!

I’ve lost both of them. My first boyfriend is friends with me so that i don’t cry missing him. He still talks to me. It’s just been 4 days to this incident.

You’ll lose both of them if they find out this truth. Losing one has lesser pain.



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