How To Make Him Fall in Love With You Again After a Breakup

How To Make Him Fall in Love With You Again After a Breakup

Okay so this post will help you alot on How To Make Him Fall IN Love With You Again After A Breakup so first of all let me just say if its your ex it better not be because of a third person , now let me clear this up i don’t agree with people who agree that people needs to get back with those who didn’t respect you or cheated. NOT FAIR!

So this post is for people who i guess broke up over little things but not third person , you shouldn’t go back with the person who left you for another one and you know why ? Because you are worth MORE than that.. BUt this post will explain exactly how you can make him fall in love with you again i will you 5 tips that can work out.

  1. Do Not Look For Him!

Now i know this might hurt , because you probably just broke up but listen to me honey do not look for him , let him look for you first why ? Because its gonna make him think you already moving on and trust and believe guys dont like that.. They want you to be all on them but when you not on them they will look for you , its weird but works !


Now is time to work on yourself , go ahead and get better look good get prepare for yourself , love yourself do you! Do not go around looking for love you will fail , dont do it just work on yourself , focus focus focus! You can do it , trust me!!

3. Change Your Profile Picture “To A Sexy One”

Now yes , this works like crazy so that person can feel hurt and say wow what have i done letting that beautiful girl go , why ? Do not be on facebook throwing shades at him just because you hurt , dont do it trust me it just dont work you just going to look bad!! REAL BAD! dont do it.. Just change your profile pic and just be like “My Time Now!” something positive.!

4. Change Your Rituals And Habits!

Now by this i mean , he probably know how your schedule works , and i mean like lets say you always go to work at 4 and he knows that ,then this time you will change your schedule , you will change your routine because he already know it make him wonder! WHAT SHES DOING? yes.. make him wonder.!


Now this will help alot because if you have him there trust me you wont get over it.. Why ? Because you will be on top of his fb , or instagram dont do it just remember this words , OKAY! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Hopefully these are worth it.. And help you out before i go check out how you can make him even FALL IN LOVE MORE!! => Click Here Now!



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