How can I get another chance to make him love me?

How can I get another chance to make him love me?

If you wronged him in anyway, sincerely apologise and don’t expect anything back. You can then proceed to let him know you want to make things right with him again and this time, for better. And then wait for his response.

If he’s deeply hurt, he may still be mad with you. You should wait a bit, maybe a month or two to see whether he changes his mind. If he does, great. APPRECIATE him for that and don’t repeat whatever you did to him AGAIN because that may be your last chance.

If he doesn’t, you have learnt your lessons. After that, try to move on and don’t try to get him back. Move on with you life.

Thank you.

Let him know that you’ve truly changed and that you no longer do those things that used to cause fights or quarrels between both of you. You can write him a note or send him a text signifying your love for him and your readiness to be committed to him, this time for good (and mean it if you sincerely want him to love you again).

You can also wear something attractive and sexy and hang out where you’re likely to meet him. People normally respond positively when your feelings come straight from the heart. But if you’re faking it, or trying to make him love you again for your own selfish reasons, it won’t take long for them to know and fall back out of love with you!

So before you make any move or do anything about getting another chance to make him love you, think about it, because in the end it will only be worth it if your heart is in sync with your desire and design!


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